The Clockwork Oracle

Greetings and Salutations!

I have a bit of news to report! One of my semi short stories (not sure almost 15,000 words is shortish) is out in a new anthology, The Clockwork Oracle.

David L. Drake, Katherine L. Morse, AJ Sikes, and BJ Sikes, awesome authors all, join me in this project, which chronicles the mystic clockwork Oracle through the lost and found of history from Greek mythology to the exoplanets of Orion.

I’m finally getting to debut Dorado & Dark Claw, two characters near and dear to my furry little heart.

You’ve met Dorado, Elle Quartermaine, as a child in Twelve Hours Later, but she’s all grown up now and starting in a pulp-action, four-fisted adventure called:

C A S S & R A

Hope you enjoy what happens when the oracle appears and causes havoc in a city full of superheroes…oh, and yes, there is a giant squid cameo…

The paperback is live on Amazon at this link:

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