Haiku Hedgehogs

Themed coloring books for all ages narrated with haiku that will give you a giggle.

Volume 1: Steam Shenanigans

This isn’t your Sensei’s haiku! Add Steam and Punk it! Explore the age of Steampunk in delicious seventeen syllable bites with Speedwheels the Haiku Hedgehog and his companions, Elbie the ladybug, and Snout the aardvark. Then grab a pen or pencil, and some crayons! You can doodle and write some haiku of your own in the space at the back of the book (short tutorial included). Can Haiku be Steampunk? ABSO-BALLY-LUTELY!

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Volume 2: Cubicle Chaos

No matter where you work or go to school, things don’t always go 100% the way you want them to. When that stress headache starts, I pull out a pen and colored pencils and let it all out by writing haiku and drawing. Haiku Hedgehogs gives you a spot to do it with me.

Enjoy the snarky yet upbeat humor of cubicle life and have fun coloring with Speedwheels and the gang. Then try your own hand at writing haiku with the short tutorial midway through. Grab a pen or pencil, and some crayons or colored pencils (markers will bleed through the paper). Doodle what makes you laugh about work or school on the blank pages at the back of the book. Go ahead, color outside the lines. This is a book you can draw in!

Haiku. Hedgehogs. Cubicles. They were meant to be together.

Amazon: Paperback

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