The Great Library of Istavara

Legend has it that Maralisandra Alstashevana Trientanis, Sarn of Sarns, Savior of the Nation, founded the first Great Library of Istavara soon after she united the hundred or so warring city states of the first continent into one nation.  Legends also agree that one copy of every written or recorded work, whether Istavaran or from…… Continue reading The Great Library of Istavara

Foo of Jhrin

Greetings! After being sidelined due to illness, I’ve finally made it back to writing. But what to write about? This was a hard decision, since there are many things that fit the bill, but today I’ll share Foo with you. Mostly because it’s just so darn fun to say. Foo are similar to the Foo…… Continue reading Foo of Jhrin