The Stolen Songbird

by Dover Whitecliff and Vicki Rorke

Don’t Believe Everything You Read in the Dreadfuls!

In a Victorian Age unlike any other, Jack Fletcher and Molly Harper are the heroes of the penny dreadfuls, serving Victoria III and inspiring child and adult alike with their tales of derring-do. But the truth behind the dreadfuls is far different. Jack and Molly are not two people but many. Children of the Blood are Tested each midsummer, and those with the Talent are trained up to serve the fey and earthborn crowns of the Britannic Alliance.

Harry – the latest in a long line of Inquisitors. She won’t let her oddly mismatched Talents stop her from following in Jack Fletcher’s footsteps to defend the crowns from those who would destroy them.

Shay – a healer and a scholar. Her one desire is to fulfill the destiny predicted by her mother’s Sight…to parlay her Talent into the means to find the Alliance’s enemies in either realm and bring them to justice.

Rachel – the first songbird born to the Alliance in a hundred years. As the only daughter of the Earl of Greystones, she is for want of nothing, and the power of her voice alone can stop a war…or start one.

The Trinity find themselves on a path of discovery and adventure, pitting their Talents against shadowy forces whose only purpose is to snatch the untrained songbird and turn her to their own nefarious schemes.

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