Dover writes and draws in a multiverse of fusion. Why have a single genre when you can blur the lines?

Dover’s published books include mashups of cybersteam and secret agents (She-Wolf in Shorts), steampunk and Hardy Boys style mysteries with kick ass girls (The Stolen Songbird), and haiku and art with Haiku Hedgehogs, coloring books with thematic humor (Volume 1 – Steam Shenanigans and Volume 2 – Cubicle Chaos).

What’s on the horizon? Port Liberty Mysteries, a new series starring Jo Lee Reilly, a ghostwriter, home baker, and amateur sleuth in Port Liberty, the (sorta) quiet, (kinda) peaceful, coastal suburb of a superhero metropolis.

Who can you turn to when the Capes are too busy saving the world and posing for photo ops, and the PD is too busy cleaning up the mess? Look for the debut novel, Murder by Spandex, and the illustrated companion guidebook, Welcome to Port Liberty! in 2023.