Happy Autumnal Equinox, and welcome to Port Liberty’s Cuttle-Fest!

Cuttle-Fest is one of two annual festivals that take place on the pier of Sparky’s Boardwalk (named, of course after famous dimensional explorer Sparky Dottendash). Port Libs hold one festival on each Equinox to celebrate each of Port Liberty’s resident Kaiju. Yup, there are two Kaiju. Why stop at one?

Legends say that the festivals first started a long time past when Sparky bargained with both Kaiju to prevent them from grabbing tourists off the pier and stealing fish off the lines.

Let’s Meet Curtis!

Curtis is a 40-foot Kaiju Class cuttlefish that lives in Port Liberty Bay. Port Libs head down to the pier to celebrate Curtis on the Autumnal Equinox by holding one heck of a party that includes fusion food, music, dancing, games, and a craft fair.

The highlight comes at sunset. As soon as the green flash marks the sun sinking below the horizon, Port Libs start a parade of cuttlefish themed floats. Residents of each neighborhood build their own float, and they wind through Port Liberty to the boardwalk. Spectators pile on Curtis’ favorite snacks as the floats go by.

What are those snacks, you may ask? Curtis absolutely loves frozen Chai Lattes and Mochi Dango (grilled rice balls glazed with soy sauce – they’re like catnip for Kaiju). Residents write messages of gratitude on edible paper with edible ink to thank Curtis for a successful summer season to include with their snack offerings.

Once the floats have all arrived and circle the entrance to the pier, Port Libs get ready for the big event. A lottery for each neighborhood chooses official pullers, and they take up the ropes in front of a trebuchet, affectionately called Sparky’s Snack Slinger.

With shouts to welcome Curtis, they heave the Snack Slinger through the boardwalk to the end of the pier. They divide the snacks into eleven loads (one for each tentacle and one for extra luck), and when Curtis’ orange eyes glow in the bay, the flinging begins.

If you come to the festival, be sure to join in at Fling-Time with a shout of “Port Liberty!”

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