Black Heart Pin

Though his real name is a mystery, he is the man behind Cor Kuro Industries (Bringing you the heart of the future today). Rarely seen and deviously brilliant, Mr. Black Heart Pin provides cutting-edge cybersteam technology to selected parties for the right price.

After losing her eye in the Solstice Games, Kenna Wolfesdaughter found herself the recipient of one of Cor Kuro Industries’ newest enhancements:  a clockwork eye of extraordinary sophistication. Still groggy from surgery, she dubbed the Doctor Mr. Black Heart Pin based on the Onyx Heart he wore on his lapel. He never offered her his name.

Mr. Black Heart Pin, through Cor Kuro Industries, is also one of the principle sponsors of The Dreadfulle Show, one of the top-rated aithercasts in Jhrin. Who is he really? We may never know.


Black Heart
Rare photo of the man behind Cor Kuro Industries.


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