D is for Dalibor Ziggurat (A to Zed Blog Challenge – The A to Zed of Jhrin)

Lord Reginald Dalibor worked his way up through the ranks of the Five Rings syndicate through business acumen and tactical brilliance rather than brute strength. Unlike other member families of the syndicate, who amassed their power over five or six generations, Dalibor built his empire in as many years.

Many favored Dalibor to take his place one the Council of Archons that rule the Five Rings. That seat seemed assured when his champion, the She-Wolf took out four heavyweight exo-suits to win the Solstice Games in his name. Unfortunately, the gold ring that assured him the seat had been replaced with a bomb. Dalibor lost his life in the ensuing explosion.

The Ziggurat sits on the upland banks of the Rann River, and houses the brain and heart of his empire, now under the control of the Five Rings sole surviving Archon. Six levels to emphasize his success on the financial and underworld battlefield, the building is cleverly lit to a golden glow and appear as a grounded moon next to the Night Bridge’s star field.

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