Exo-Suits and the Arena

Exo-Suits range from simple exo-skeletal frames that augment the wearer’s speed, strength, and ability to jump, to fully enclosed powered mechanical suits with high-grade armor and weaponry.

Exo-Suits do have military applications, and every company worth its salt has at least one minimal Exo-Suit contingent in each weight class, but most skirmishes between nations since the sundering are too small to need more than that. In contrast, most Exo-Suits are used in one of the three arena circuits:  Istavara, Duoros, and Tercera.

There are three weight classes, though weight class might be a misnomer. Generally, bantams will weigh less than mids, which will, in turn, weigh less than heavies. However, the actual class designations are based on armor, speed, and weaponry, so it is possible to have a top-of-the-line military heavy actually weigh less than and arena mid based on the materials used in construction.

Out-of-class battles are not exactly rare, but they do not occur often. Generally, a fighter in a heavier class would shy away from taking on a lighter suit unless the skill of the pilot is top notch and worth the challenge. Young up-and-comers will often petition to fight out-of-class to move up through the ranks quickly, but the majority do not see their petitions answered.

LUPA, Kenna Wolfsdaughter’s Exo-Suit, is a bantam weight suit with minimal armor. Claws can be extended from the fingers on the suit’s hands, but those are the only built in weapons for arena fighting, but like most suits in the Black Wolves, LUPA is modular and can be modified for military engagement. In addition, LUPA has been in the possession of Mr. Black Heart Pin of Cor Kuro Industries for the past several months. Who knows what it might be able to do now?

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