Haiku Hedgehogs

Yes. Hedgehogs do exist on every page of my multiverse. What can I say…I’ve loved them since I saw my first Steiff mini in a Wiesbaden toy store too long ago to admit.

Speedwheels was born a day later while sitting under a willow tree in Nerotal park, and he’s been my favorite doodle ever since. He shows up in the margins of my notes, on envelopes, on holiday cards, you name it, and somehow a hedgehog moment will spill out of my pen.

When the dreaded writers block hit in writing Superspy with the Clockwork Eye, Speedy nudged in along with the urge to haiku my way out of the funk, and I’ve gotten the creativity flowing again.

So if any of you will be at Reno’s Yule Steam Expo in November (awesome event put on by the incomparable folks of High Desert Steam), come on by and say hi!

I’ll introduce you to Speedwheels and his buddies, Elbie the ladybug, and Snout the Aardvark. I’ll have prints, a calendar, and greeting cards ready to rock and roll.

Heroes, Hedgehogs, and Haiku. Huzzah!


Speedwheels and Elbie on Lantern Bridge.
Have a Cool Yule!

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