Still battling the funk, though things are getting better. I managed a whole paragraph of real words that did not have to do with my day job, and ideas for art are slowly starting to form. There is an end to the funk tunnel, and I can sorta see it if I squint! Whoot! To…… Continue reading Braai


I’ve been in a little bit of a funk lately with all the craziness going on in the world and at work. I’ve learned over the years that the Funk is my body is telling me I need to slow down and recharge my positivity meter. Normally I have a billion ideas I’m dying to…… Continue reading Stew


When I was a kid, I loved those crossover episodes of TV shows where a character in one show would turn up on another show one week, and then the other character would return the favor the following week. The characters would have to work together to solve a two-episode plot. My favorite was the…… Continue reading Multiverse


Happy Friday! I’ve completed another “main character voice” exercise for Jo Lee Reilly, the sleuth for Port Liberty Mysteries. This one was interesting to play with. I wanted to bring out the fact that Jo Lee spent her early years working as an analyst. Being one myself, I know I have problems with vague instructions.…… Continue reading Praise


I mentioned in the last post, Introductions, that I’m working through the voice exercises in Hallie Ephron’s Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel. One of the takeaways for me is that every hero needs a flaw, a chink in the armor, a button to push. Something to overcome. This was hard for me. I normally write…… Continue reading Enough


Several people have asked how my logo came to be, so I thought I’d share what it means to me and how the elements came about. First a little word-geekery, What the heck is a logo? According to the internet (which means it must be true), logo (the word), showed up in 1937, probably as…… Continue reading Logos

Just is Beautiful

I’ve noticed in the bookstore that themes are much more aggressive than they used to be: “Behold my cardboard characters showing you the light! You must believe as I do! If you do not, you are not worthy!” But to me, message in the absence of story is like a PBJ with okra instead of…… Continue reading Just is Beautiful

Immersion Project

It’s been a while. 2020 broke my COVID calendar. To stay out of the funk, I’ve played with a number of things: cleaning out the garage (whew! that was a three month task – hadn’t gone through some of that stuff since we moved in fifteen years ago), rearranging furniture, sorting through the junk drawer…… Continue reading Immersion Project