Several people have asked how my logo came to be, so I thought I’d share what it means to me and how the elements came about. First a little word-geekery, What the heck is a logo? According to the internet (which means it must be true), logo (the word), showed up in 1937, probably as…… Continue reading Logos

Just is Beautiful

I’ve noticed in the bookstore that themes are much more aggressive than they used to be: “Behold my cardboard characters showing you the light! You must believe as I do! If you do not, you are not worthy!” But to me, message in the absence of story is like a PBJ with okra instead of…… Continue reading Just is Beautiful

Immersion Project

It’s been a while. 2020 broke my COVID calendar. To stay out of the funk, I’ve played with a number of things: cleaning out the garage (whew! that was a three month task – hadn’t gone through some of that stuff since we moved in fifteen years ago), rearranging furniture, sorting through the junk drawer…… Continue reading Immersion Project

Haiku Hedgehogs

Yes. Hedgehogs do exist on every page of my multiverse. What can I say…I’ve loved them since I saw my first Steiff mini in a Wiesbaden toy store too long ago to admit. Speedwheels was born a day later while sitting under a willow tree in Nerotal park, and he’s been my favorite doodle ever…… Continue reading Haiku Hedgehogs

The Great Library of Istavara

Legend has it that Maralisandra Alstashevana Trientanis, Sarn of Sarns, Savior of the Nation, founded the first Great Library of Istavara soon after she united the hundred or so warring city states of the first continent into one nation.  Legends also agree that one copy of every written or recorded work, whether Istavaran or from…… Continue reading The Great Library of Istavara

Foo of Jhrin

Greetings! After being sidelined due to illness, I’ve finally made it back to writing. But what to write about? This was a hard decision, since there are many things that fit the bill, but today I’ll share Foo with you. Mostly because it’s just so darn fun to say. Foo are similar to the Foo…… Continue reading Foo of Jhrin

Exo-Suits and the Arena

Exo-Suits range from simple exo-skeletal frames that augment the wearer’s speed, strength, and ability to jump, to fully enclosed powered mechanical suits with high-grade armor and weaponry. Exo-Suits do have military applications, and every company worth its salt has at least one minimal Exo-Suit contingent in each weight class, but most skirmishes between nations since…… Continue reading Exo-Suits and the Arena

Clockwork Alchemy

Most of April and May was spent in preparation for Clockwork Alchemy, one of the most author-friendly steampunk conventions out there. I attended in 2013, and was so inspired that I was manning a table with my own first novel on it, and teaching panels in 2014. Truly awesome stuff! We have a full author…… Continue reading Clockwork Alchemy

Dalibor Ziggurat

Lord Reginald Dalibor worked his way up through the ranks of the Fie Rings syndicate through business acumen and tactical brilliance rather than brute strength. Unlike other member families of the syndicate, who amassed their power over five or six generations, Dalibor built his empire in as many years. Many favored Dalibor to take his…… Continue reading Dalibor Ziggurat