Crysglas is akin to titanium in strength, but transparent. It gathers light during the day and glows at night. Depending on the cut or shaping during the creation process, the glow can be one or two sided, and, if worked by a master craftsman, can even appear as stars or fairy lights instead of a…… Continue reading Crysglas

Black Heart Pin

Though his real name is a mystery, he is the man behind Cor Kuro Industries (Bringing you the heart of the future today). Rarely seen and deviously brilliant, Mr. Black Heart Pin provides cutting-edge cybersteam technology to selected parties for the right price. After losing her eye in the Solstice Games, Kenna Wolfesdaughter found herself…… Continue reading Black Heart Pin


Angoras are large mammals bred for the soft, water-repellent fur used to make warm winter outer garments. They are omnivores, grazing on grasses, digging for mountain tubers, and occasionally killing and eating smaller mammals. They thrive in the high valleys of the Fishhook Mountains on the Southern Island of Istavara. Adult females grow to approximately…… Continue reading Angora